Please remember the following in your prayers:

First and foremost, let us not forget to thank our Heavenly Father for answered prayer. We are witness in our lives to many of these answered prayers and comfort. Thank you, Heavenly Father.

Our church family

Please pray for the following in our church family:

  • For Karen, daughter of Barbara Hayes of Doncaster Baptists who is improving
  • For Kirsty, daughter of Susan from Conisbrough Baptist Church, who is in hospital, and for Susan who is worried about her
  • For Rita Dudhill, who now has an ENT appointment.
  • For peace for Ian Wright’s uncle Harry, who has recovered from Covid but has been left confused by his ordeal.
  • For little Alfie and his family as they battle his cancers. Alfie has just left hospital after 10 days of immunotherapy and is very thin due to not eating much
  • For all who have had or are getting their Covid vaccines – that God be with them and keep them safe.

Intercessionary Prayers

  • Please pray for those people who attend our church and coffee morning, who are missing the company and support of their church family as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic that has closed our buildings.
  • Pray for the isolated and lonely – help them to be reassured through our prayers that God is with them and their families and through our prayers and that He will uphold and comfort them.
  • May God put His arms around us all and help us feel the reassurance and love of prayer in these times.
  • Pray for God’s reassurance and love for our friends, our families and our community.
  • Pray for our country and our world in the current turmoil of Brexit and Covid that we are facing daily.
  • Pray to our Heavenly Father that His will be done throughout it all.
  • Please pray for all who are feeling the intense stress of life and loss during this period, and pray that they will turn to our Heavenly Saviour.

We ask these things in and through the name of our loving saviour Jesus.

Doris’ Gift

Following the funeral of Doris Mansell, her family kindly asked that this beautiful wreath be displayed in the chapel, for all the congregation of Conisbrough Baptist Church to enjoy. We hope the image of this lovely tribute will serve as a lasting memory of Doris, who enjoyed many a coffee morning with us.